Your Board of Directors

President | Ali crawford

Ali has been a resident of Stoneridge for the past 20 years - first as a renter and then as a home owner. Soon after she moved in, she became an active participant in the community association and later served as treasurer, vice president, and president. Ali looks forward to working with you and maintaining and protecting the residential character of Stoneridge and continue to make Stoneridge a desirable community in which to live.

Vice President | Morgan Cook

Morgan has been a member of the Stoneridge Community since September of 2013. Morgan hopes to bring some fun, illustrative quirkiness to our newsletters and communications. In addition, Morgan looks to keep our community clean, safe, and bring awareness to all our neighbors to ensure Stoneridge continues to thrive.

Treasurer | Sam Thomsen

Two years ago, after buying his first house in Stoneridge, Sam was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome he received from the neighborhood. Having grown up in a small community with friendly neighbors, he was happy for the opportunity to join the Board of Directors and give back in any way he can. Sam hopes to help bring the Stoneridge Improvement Association closer together through better forms of communication and to increase our turn out at organized community events.

Secretary | Josh Cook

Josh has been a member of Stoneridge Community since September of 2013. Josh looks forward to bringing additional ideas to the Board of Directors and ensure timely distribution of all materials to make sure we have great turnouts to our community events.